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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Barry Donovan named NALMA Man of the Year!

Greetings fellow lock enthusiasts.

What can I say? I was shocked to learn that I, Barry Donovan, of Lock Talk with Barry Donovan, was going to be awarded with the North American Lock Masters Association Man of the Year. Here is a photo from the standing room only ceremony.

To my left is Harvey Dinklefwapp, head of the Peoria, Il chapter of NALMA and to my right is "Swervin" Irvin Wright, NALMA ombudsman. I could tell you a few tales of how he got the nickname "Swervin" from a bust at a what we thought was a legal brothel at a NALMA convention a few years back, but his wife might be reading this.

There may be a lot of naysayers out there trying to debunk all of the lock goodness that I spread here at Lock Talk with Barry Donovan, but NALMA's recognition of all of my hard work makes it all worthwhile.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan - it's a lock!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a hack. The NALMA award is given out by talentless oafs who couldn't tell a tumbler from a deadbolt. I myself was recently awarded the Lock Association Society of East Raleigh's (LOSER) Lockmeister of the Year. Now that's an award to write home about, you fraud.

Oh by the way, I love the tie you're wearing in the picture. It accents your eyes nicely.

Dr. Lockenstein (aka Doc Lock)

8:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to make a correction. The award I received was from the Lock Organization Society of East Raleigh (LOSER). I may have been wrong about the acronym but I'm never wrong about locks!

Doc Lock

8:46 AM

Blogger DumpsterLove said...

Dear Doc Lock,

Precisely what is your doctorate in? Being a no-good, no-lock knowing, couldn't unlock his way out of a paper bag, industry scoundrel?

How dare you, good sir, attempt to sully the good name of Lock Talk with Barry Donovan! I am NALMA's Man of the Year, you cretin! I have done more to promote the lock industry than Schlage himself did when he got his first patent in 1909! And while most lock historians would point to 1774-1920 as the timeperiod where lock making really took off, I would point to 2005 as the halcyon days of the lock industry, courtesy of Lock Talk with Barry Donovan.

Drop dead Lockenstein.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan - it's a lock!

10:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A NALMA man is a sexy man...


1:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should wear tighter trousers...


8:30 AM

Anonymous Lyndi said...

are you single?

i fancy a good rogering every now and then. how about you unlock my legs...

11:42 AM

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Blogger DumpsterLove said...

lisahunor84147267, you trollop, this blog is for lock enthusiasts!

Return to the street corner you left to find some wireless and post here and concentrate on sleeping with enough degenerates to support your drug habit.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan - it's a lock!

6:08 AM


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