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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Barry Donovan is available for holiday bookings!

The holidays are a special time here at Lock Talk. With our recent rollout via the Internet, I wanted to let my loyal readers know that now is the time to book me, Barry Donovan, for your holiday party.

Also, I'd like to reiterate that I am very astute in all sorts of lock roundtable discussions. Whether it be about home security locks, locks of the aquatic variety (see Santa in a lock spreading holiday cheer) or even perhaps a lock of hair, Barry Donovan is your man.

So feel free to send me an e-mail requesting a time and we can discuss my personal appearance fee and any travel arrangements that are necessary.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan- it's a lock!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:44 AM

Blogger DumpsterLove said...

Actually, I prefer my spam pan fried, served up in a nice crusty roll with some horseradish. That's some good eatin right there.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan - it's a lock!

11:22 AM


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