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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The locker room...a place near and dear to my heart

Hello fellow lock enthusiasts.

Many of you have been writing in asking my opinion on locks for the locker room at the gym. Not only am I in peak physical condition, but my love for locks gives me great insight in to the aptly named "locker room."

First we have the Master Lock 1502 General Combination Security Padlock. I like to think of this one as "old reliable." I had one for years and found it more than adequate. But being the lock connoisseur that I am, I felt that in the name of testing, I should look into some others, for you, my dedicated fanbase.

That brings us to the new boy on the scene, the Staples Wordlock. Well, what can I say about this one? The Staples Wordlock has the potential to revolutionize the general combination padlock world as we know it. Some day people will look back upon these times as a glorious era of lock revolution. A combination based on words? Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Gone are the days of number combinations that you can't remember, now just make up an easy-to-remember password (but not too easy to guess!) and boom, you're in.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Staples Wordlock.

Thanks for stopping by.


PS - Remember, when you go with Todd Michaels...it's a lock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent call on the staples word lock. I've got one and my password "Bosco" (yes, from that Seinfeld episode) fits perfectly.

I too am a lock-enthusiast, Barry. I'm 40 years old, single (no children) and extremely wealthy thanks to a Pryamid-scheme I founded. I like eating ice-cream at Brusters and attending Republican conventions and events.

Call me sometime and maybe we can get "locked" into something, if you know what I mean.

8:33 AM

Blogger DumpsterLove said...


If you have the balls to make a pass at me....which missed by the way....you should at least leave your name. I know some locker room boys whose lock arms swing your way. Sorry I don't play for the other team, but have a great game and don't forget to replace your door locks every six years.

P.S. Home Depot has a special on American Heritage lock systems. You might want to check it out.

2:21 PM


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