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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I came, I saw, I left a rich man!

Dear lock enthusiasts,

It is without much great sadness, that I take a hiatus from Lock Talk with Barry Donovan. For those of you familiar with my call for limited holiday bookings, I'm proud to announce that my speaking engagements have rewarded me handsomely. From the Shriners of Peoria, IL to the Big & Tall Men's Conference held in Wichita, KS, I've reaped untold riches. Factor this in with the sudden cash windfall from my historic rise to power and winning the 2005 NALMA Man of the Year award, and you can see that Lock Talk with Barry Donovan has done very, very well.

These achievements have also led to a rash of product endorsements the likes of which of have not been experienced by any other lock masters. I'd especially like to thank Frank's Locks out of Utica, NY for the thank you gift of a case of Utica Club (the first beer sold after prohibition). I drank most of it while I was cutting the grass last week and got so loaded (or "pissed" as the British say) that I decided to release the strain on my kidneys in my neighbor's front lawn. Problem was it was high noon on a Sunday.

So in closing, enjoy this modest picture of myself and my business partner at Lock Talk with Barry Donovan.

If I find that the lock industry once again needs a lightning rod of change, I shall return.


PS - Remember, when you go with Barry Donovan - it's a lock!

PPS - Fuck you Dr. Lockenstein! I'm rich! Long live BarryCo you know-nothing lock-related windbag!